Chris Stoddard Instagram

Chris Stoddard Instagram

🔊 Meet Chris Stoddard, the man behind RaiseMore! 🌟 As an International Speaker, Author, and CEO, Chris is your go-to guru for all things charity fundraising. With over 35 years in the game, he’s helped raise more than 20 million GBP globally! 🌍💰

📚 Book Alert 🚨 Chris is releasing a game-changing guide, “A Blueprint for Fundraising,” this October. If you’re in the charity sector, this is a must-read! Pre-orders are up on WH Smith! 📖

🛠️ What Chris Offers 🌐

  • Small Charity Fundraising 🎗️
  • Building a Donor Base ❤️
  • Large Donations 💵
  • In Memoriam Giving 🕊️
  • Grant Applications ✍️

💡 #MondayMinute Don’t forget to tune in for his weekly series. Chris drops quick, actionable tips for small charity fundraising. If you’re looking to up your game, this is your minute of wisdom. 🕒

📩 Get in Touch Got questions or need consultancy? Reach out through his official website: RaiseMore 🌐

👥 Network with Chris You can also connect with him on LinkedIn for professional engagements and updates: LinkedIn Profile

📣 Follow to Learn 👣 Don’t miss out on the goldmine of info Chris shares. Follow him on his Instagram @chrisstoddardraisemore to get all the latest updates and learn directly from his posts! 📲

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Chris Stoddard Instagram
Chris Stoddard Instagram



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