Chris Stoddard Pinterest

Chris Stoddard Pinterest

🌟 Meet Chris Stoddard: Your Fundraising Maestro! 🌟

Looking to supercharge your charity’s fundraising efforts? Discover Chris Stoddard, an International Speaker, Award-Winning Direct Mail Copywriter, and Author with over 35 years in the field! 💡

📚 Coming Soon: “A Blueprint for Fundraising” – A comprehensive guide set to release in October 2023, packed with a roadmap for small charities to ace their fundraising. 📘

📺 Don’t Miss Out: Catch Chris’s latest YouTube Episode where he unravels the intricacies between charity fundraising and business crowdfunding, GDPR rules for charities, and much more. 🎥

💌 Services: From building a robust donor base to securing large donations, Chris has got you covered. Learn more about his services and grab actionable tips from his #MondayMinute series! ⏱️

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Chris Stoddard Pinterest
Chris Stoddard Pinterest


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