Chris Stoddard YouTube

Chris Stoddard YouTube

Unlocking the Secrets of Modern Charity Fundraising with Chris Stoddard

In this revealing YouTube episode, Chris Stoddard, an International Speaker, triple award-winning charity direct mail copywriter, Author, and the CEO of RaiseMore, delves into the nuances of charity fundraising and crowdfunding in today’s digital landscape.

The Modern Age: Charity Fundraising Meets Crowdfunding

Chris brings attention to the synergies between charity fundraising and crowdfunding for businesses. He stresses the importance of establishing a robust mailing list for charity fundraising and dispels common myths surrounding fundraising rules.

Strategies and Mistakes: A Comprehensive Look

The episode navigates through pitfalls in fundraising, provides real-world charity examples, and highlights the effectiveness of direct mail. Chris also shares actionable strategies that contrast with misconceptions that might be hampering your fundraising efforts.

Special Segments: In Memoriam Donations and More

Specifically, Chris touches upon the subject of acquiring donations for funerals or in memoriam, and outlines effective funnels for soliciting bequests from wills and sustaining direct debit contributions.

GDPR for Charities: What You Need to Know

The episode culminates with a segment dedicated to GDPR compliance for charities, explaining the dos and don’ts concerning data protection regulations like ICO and ECR.

Recent Fundraising: A Focus on Ukraine

Finally, the episode wraps up with a timely discussion about recent fundraising efforts aimed at aiding Ukraine.

More About Chris Stoddard

Chris is not just an International Speaker but also a course contributor for Open University and has successfully raised more than £20m globally for charitable causes.

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Chris Stoddard YouTube
Chris Stoddard YouTube


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